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Pulling My BIG GIRL Pants Up

Until now, my photography has been not so much of a business as a hobby that paid for itself. But I've finally decided to have a go at an actual business, for profit, the kind of thing that certain relatives like to think I could never manage. So yes, I'm proving them wrong, just to satisfy my Inner Teen.

With that in mind, I started filling out the necessary forms on-line to register my business name, set up proper procedures for banking, collecting tax, etc. When it got a bit overwhelming, I said to myself, "This is why I need a lawyer for my business." The lawyer said, "You know you could do this all on would only take you about an hour." I agreed to pay him to do it anyway--and we sat down together to make it happen. Three hours later we had finished the name search and creation of the LLC, and had to make an appointment for the next day to work on the registration for tax ID. This stuff is worse than the IRS Form 1040, if that's possible. My lawyer definitely earned his fee; all the federal and state forms are done, and only the county and township remain to do. But that will not be quite so bad, because I can go in person, look them in the eye with my Teacher's Look, and that will smooth the way.

So MarjorieB Photos has become Golden Age Photos & Art, and I'm officially a business owner. Time to go get myself a cake and some ice cream. (That's deductible now, isn't it?)


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