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Picturing the Age of COVID

Just a few more days and Golden Age will be booking sessions again. It's a happy time, but a bit scary, too. I've been considering what the "new normal" will look like for photography businesses in this "Age of COVID". Will it even be possible to run a successful photography business? Or are we doomed to a world of cell-phone snapshots for the rest of eternity? Is this the photographers' Armageddon? Is this still a viable profession?

Recently I banged on my neighbor's door and made him come out and "model" for me . We pulled out ten feet (an abundance of caution) on my tape measure to see what's possible with my favorite lens at that distance. Here are the results, and I'm quite happy with them: a good close-up, and to get full-length I only have to "zoom out with my feet" which means increasing the distance. (Keep in mind, please, that these are unplanned images and only minimally retouched. They are snapshots rather than finished portraiture.) COVID or no COVID, taking good photos is still possible.

My favorite processing lab had to shut down for several weeks, but they are open again. They're still short staffed, and a bit back-logged, but they are in production. The wait to receive products may be a few days longer than before the pandemic, but only a few. Albums, wall-size display prints, canvas wraps, greeting cards--all available. That means getting high-quality finished products is still possible, too.

The photography business is different in these times, but is it viable? Heck yes, and we have the pictures to prove it! So click on over to the FAQs and have a look at my shiny brand-spanking-new COVID policy.


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