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Give the Best Gift Ever

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Christmas 2018 -- It's the very first Christmas holiday season for Golden Age Photos & Art, LLC. "So if this photography business is a going concern, where are the special holiday offers?" I hear you cry. "Where are the one-of-a-kind deals? Where are the unique not-to-be-missed items?"

"Right here," I reply,"in my first-ever holiday season Best Gift Ever holiday demi-session."

Let's capture an image of a special someone -- your spouse -- your child -- your pet -- you! -- to create a gift that will only get better with every passing year. The framed portrait is the ideal size for a shelf or desk, while the charming boutique ornament makes a lovely addition to your Christmas tree. Or hang it on a coat-hook or cabinet-door as an i.d. tag.

To see samples of the holiday cards for this year, visit

The Demi-Session is a smaller version of the regular Golden Age portrait experience: a half-size session, with half the time, a smaller menu of items (many not available on the regular price list), but providing the full measure of quality and customer care.

With a limited number of bookings available, appointments will fill fast. Be sure to email soon, or call and leave a message.



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