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Don't Let It Rain On My Parade....

Oh, but it did rain!

The forecast was "iffy"--maybe thunderstorms, maybe not. So I packed my gear and headed out to New Lenox IL Village Commons for the fireworks.

Even as I found "my" spot and set down my gear, a shower came by. Umbrellas popped up, but nobody left. The rain soon stopped. I set up the tripod and grabbed a camera for a few shots of the commons. Just then the police came by with the official word: the fireworks are cancelled. And before I could even get my gear packed and hoisted to my shoulder, the heavens opened and the rains came down as in the days of Noah. Within a few seconds I was drenched to the skin--and I still had a half-mile walk to the car.

I planned to share the fireworks photos, but since there weren't any, here's one of the park instead.

Park with trees, grassy lawns, flowers, and fountain.
New Lenox Village Commons -- I came to take pictures, and I wasn't about to leave empty-handed.


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