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Beating the Winter Doldrums

Fireworks add streaks of light and puffs of smoke to a black sky.

Here we are two weeks into 2022 and already it's looking far too much like a repeat of 2021. Half the evening news is taken up with the pandemic, and the other half is almost equally grim. And the snow, though not too deep, has arrived with arctic air forecast for next week. My favorite season is still almost six months off.

So to cheer myself up, I decided to spend time editing some of the images I managed to capture last summer. I always spend a couple of evenings in July photographing every firework show I can fit into my schedule, and the rest of the month editing them. Fireworks are one of my very favorite photographic subjects. Shiny!!!

When I first looked at the unedited files, I was disappointed; I thought I had captured nothing but duds.

Still, you never know until you try.

Would you look at that! I must have reviewed them when I was having a "down" day, because a with couple hours' editing some of them polished up into real gems. I've begun loading them up to Fine Art America; you can see them here: <a href="">fireworks photographs</a> and while you're there, check out my other work as well, because I do cover a wide range of subjects. My portfolio:

Red and white fireworks bursting in a night sky.


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