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  • What kinds of portraits do  you do?  What's your specialty?
    I do both lifestyle and formal posed portraits of people and their pets, individually or in family groups. I enjoy working with subjects of all ages, but my special delight is photographing Persons of a Certain Age and Family Generation photos, such as mother-daughter-granddaughter, or father-son-grandson
  • Where is your studio located?
    In your home. That's right--in your home, or office, or wherever I need it to be. I keep it in the trunk of my car, and bring it to your location; there is no brick-and-mortar studio.
  • What hours are you open?  What days?
    Photo shoots: By appointment only, afternoons,Tuesday through Friday, and first Saturday of the month. Planning Consultations: By appointment only, Tuesday through Friday, noon to seven p.m. Office hours: noon to five-ish, Tuesday through Friday. If you phone and there's no answer, just leave a message and I'll get back to you. Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
  • I don't see your phone number here.
    That's because I don't give it to strangers. Quirky, I know. Let's start with an email, and then we can arrange for a phone call or face-to-face meeting. I want to get to know you first. Contact me here.
  • What products do you offer?
    I offer a selection of quality products from several top-rated professional labs, featuring framed prints, canvas wall art, and block-mounted prints. Holiday cards, graduation announcements, and personal stationery cards and holiday ornaments are also available to established clients, and they are a wonderful way to share your beautiful new portrait with family and friends.
  • I don't hang pictures on my walls;  I have digital frames.  Can I get digital files?
    No worries: with every printed image you order, you'll receive the corresponding digital file in Web-resolution, which is suitable for digital frames and screens as well as social media. With my compliments. Tell me--why aren't you hanging pictures on your walls? Surrounding yourself with artwork of the faces you love is one of the best ways to make a house your home. Carrying images on your phone is handy, and digital screens are great, too, but they don't give the immersion experience you get with a statement piece of photographic art. Even if your landlord won't allow nails in your walls, there are other ways to integrate large portraits into your decorating scheme. I'll be happy to help you do just that during our in-home Planning Consultation.
  • Can I get the raw files, straight from the camera without editing?  My cousin is a Photoshop whiz, and he said he'll edit them for me."
    When you become a Golden Age client, you are not just hiring somebody to snap pictures. You are commissioning a work of photographic art. What leaves my studio with my name on it represents my company, my reputation, my style of work. If I let your cousin do the editing without my supervision, it would not be a true representation of my creative work. If you went into a major city for dinner at a famous restaurant, would you ask the chef just to pack up the ingredients of your meal so you could take it home and have your mom prepare dinner--and then say it was Chef Haute-Cuisine d'Upper-Crust's world-famous cookery? You'd be run out of that restaurant so fast your head would spin! So, no. No raw images.
  • I really, really, really want digital files."
    And you shall have them. To meet the modern need for digital files, I provide complimentary Web-resolution files of every image you purchase in a printed format. They have an unobtrusive watermark in one corner, and come with an authorization allowing you to use them on your personal social media pages. Web-resolution ensures that, while they won't be suitable for prints, they will upload quickly to social media and won't slow the loading of the web page. And of course they'll look amazing on your digital picture frame device.
  • Why so much empasis on printed images?  Why don't you give CDs or thumb drives?
    Many clients ask that, but as it turns out -- Most clients find that the CDs languish forgotten in the back of a desk drawer until the media becomes damaged or, eventually, obsolete. (Remember BetaMax videotapes? How about 8-track audio? or the 5-1/4 inch floppy disk? Vinyl LP records?) If you drop the phone in a puddle, scratch the CD, accidentally damage the thumb drive, the medium is ruined. Once the medium is gone, the images are gone too, unless you have printed them. How many of your own snapshots have you printed in the last six months? C'mon, now, be honest. Yes, I thought as much. Your special portrait deserves to be cherished throughout your lifetime and handed down in your family to future generations. Print is the most reliable, longest-lasting medium, with a well-established technology. We still look at pictures taken during the Civil War and read books printed in the Renaissance. Print is a commitment to your family, to your legacy, to yourself. It happens time and again. Ask any fireman. The house is burning down, and someone runs back into the inferno. What are they trying to save? There are only three things: another person, a pet, or the family pictures.
  • What do you charge for just a simple, straightforward picture?"
    Send me an email and I'll send you my price guide. But just to give you a rough idea--my session fee is $150. That's to reserve my time for you and you alone. If you miss your appointment, it's non-refundable; but once we shoot your pictures it becomes a $150 print credit toward the purchase of any print product I offer. Most clients fall in love with their images and spend $500 or more, and the sky's the limit. I do offer payment plans if you need to spread the price over several months.
  • Why don't you show prices on your website?
    Suppose you walk into the car dealership and say, "I want to buy a car; how much will it cost?" The dealer can't give you a good answer until he knows what you have in mind. Do you want a fixer-upper? Is is just for you, or is it a family car? Mostly for around town, or will you be taking long road trips in it? Maybe a snappy sports model to wow your friends, or something swanky to impress your competitors. Not everyone wants or needs the same car. In the same way, I can't tell you what your photo session will cost until I know what you are looking for. That's why a phone or email conversation is so very important, so that we both understand exactly what you hope to buy. A meeting of the minds is essential.
  • Your prices are not the lowest in town--so why should I choose you?
    Price is never the most important consideration--value is. You don't simply buy the cheapest meat your butcher offers. You look for something you can afford, but it has to be both nourishing and tasty as well, even if that means you have to scrimp a little on something less important. To take your special portrait, hiring some random guy with a camera just won't do. You want a photographer who delivers top quality images, professionally finished, to display in your home and pass on as heirlooms one day, and who does it with a personal touch, sensitivity to your style, creative flair, and excellent customer service. Why should you choose Golden Age Photos & Art, LLC? Because I'm worth every penny! (If budget is a concern, let's talk about a payment plan.)
  • What makes you special, different from the other photographers in town?"
    You mean besides my excellent creative skills in photographic art? The level of service I provide. Back in the day, you called for an appointment, then went to the studio for your shoot. There were few options if any--perhaps two backgrounds, perhaps a drape if a woman wanted to appear formally dressed. There was little or no consultation about style, wardrobe, or intended display. The photographer posed you, snapped the shutter a few times, and then you went home to wait. In a week or so you returned to view proof images and choose sizes for printing and framing. Another week or so and you came back again to collect them. You brought them home and hung them on the wall yourself. With Golden Age Photos & Art, LLC, we'll begin with an in-home Planning Consultation to discuss your preferred style, your expectations, your plans for displaying your new artwork. We'll rummage through your closet to pick out the most flattering wardrobe. We'll scout the house and yard -- the whole neighborhood if we need to -- for good locations. By the end of the consultation, both you and I will have a clear vision of the end goal and how we will reach it. A few days later I'll arrive on your doorstep with camera in hand to find you ready for the Photo Shoot Session. The next hour or two will be full of happy camera clicking, wardrobe changes, and moving from location to location as we work through all the plans we made during the consultation. We'll set a date in about one to two weeks' time for a Photo-Reveal and Ordering Presentation. At that presentation--again in the comfort of your own living room--I'll show you the very best of the photos from your shoot and help you select those you want to print, and in what format--framed prints, canvases, albums, etc. With your first payment of half the total order, I'll send the order in to a professional lab for processing. The finished order will be shipped to me for inspection, and then I'll deliver it in person to you and accept your final payment. If you need help hanging the artwork on your walls, I can arrange for an assistant to manage that. In short, the entire experience can be handled in your own home, I'll hold your hand through all the scary parts, and the hardest work you'll have to do is choosing among your lovely images.
  • My next-door neighbor's brother has a really good camera and he takes beautiful pictures.  He said he'll take my picture, and he'll only charge me $200 for a whole disk full of images.  How come you charge so much more, and for only one or maybe a few images?"
    It's simple, really. He's a hobbyist--possibly a very good one--but not a professional. Photographers come in four levels of professionalism. Level One: the hobbyist who shoots a disk full of pictures, maybe edits them a bit, and burns a CD of all of them for you. Skill levels vary from very amateurish to well polished, but it may be difficult for a non-photographer to determine the level of skill, unless an assortment of similar photos by different photographers is presented for comparison. The Level One photographer earns a little extra money on the side now and then, but he isn't making a living at it, you may be sure. You might get some great work, or you might get nothing but "happy snaps." If you get prints, they will most likely be of the drugstore lab quality. Level Two: the department store photographer. This person has a good camera, a posing stool, some lights in fixed positions, and a list of four to six poses that they are required to shoot. They may have a few props, or a couple of backgrounds, just to offer some variety. But their skill level is generally limited to knowing how to focus the camera and press the shutter. They may have worked in the shoe department up until last week. Of the four to six proofs they offer you, perhaps two will be quite nice. The images will be "tried and true" classics, with little or no spontaneity, let alone creativity. Prices are affordable for nearly everyone, and the quality of the products is generally better than the average drugstore prints. Level Three: the traditional studio photographer. Traditional studio photographers have professional-grade equipment and the training necessary to get the most out of it. The very best of them bring not only knowledge and skill but imagination and creativity to their work. They generally work in a studio, but may sometimes go on location as well. They may print their own work, or send it to professional labs which are not available to non-professional photographers. Their work is first-class, and they charge accordingly. Level Four: the boutique photographer has all the benefits of the Level Three photographer, with the added bonus of exceptional service to the client. Planning Consultation, Photo Shoot Session, Reveal and Ordering Consultation, all can be handled in the comfort of your own home, or at other locations as needed. Don't know what size to order? Not sure where to hang a picture, or how? Can't decide what to wear for your portrait? The Level Four photographer is happy to advise on these and many other issues, to ensure that your portrait experience will be a happy one. Naturally it follows that prices will be somewhat higher to reward such outstanding service, but it's worth every penny. Only you, the client, can decide which level of photography is right for you. You'll get no judgement from me if you find that a lower level best suits your needs. But I hope that, as a customer who appreciates fine photography, you will stretch for the highest level you can reach.
  • Terms of Service
    This website is the internet presence of Golden Age Photos & Art, LLC (the Company). It is operated and maintained by, and for the benefit of, the Company, to provide information about the Company to You (the User), subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. All content, whether written, photographic, video, or in any other format, is the copyrighted intellectual property of Golden Age Photos & Art, LLC / Marjorie Bull, unless otherwise stated. You may not download it or copy it from this site, in whole or in part, by any means whatsoever, with the exception of those items for which a download link is provided. To do so may result in legal action. 2. Attempts to hack, spam, or otherwise interfere with normal operation of the site will be met with legal action. 3. If you become a client of Golden Age Photos & Art, LLC , your image may appear on this site, as per the Model Release you signed; however, no guarantee is offered that this will happen. 4. Any endorsements, recommendations, or mentions of other companies or brands are the unpaid opinion of Golden Age Photos & Art, LLC / Marjorie Bull unless otherwise noted. 5. The Privacy Policy (separately displayed on this site) is hereby incorporated as part of the Terms of Service. 6. These terms may be changed at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. You should review them from time to time, as your continued use of the site implies your agreement and consent. 7. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, disgruntled, offended, annoyed, or otherwise displeased with this site, your sole recourse is to stop using it. 23 June 2018 There now. That should make my lawyer happy. :-)
  • Privacy Policy
    Golden Age Photos & Art, LLC may from time to time request your personal information, such as name, address, phone number, age, etc. This information becomes a part of our database, and is used to provide service to our clients in the most efficient way possible. By providing such information through the website, or through email, telephone, or in-person interview conducted as a follow-up, you consent to our use of that information, the same as if you had signed a written document giving that consent. We may share your information: a. with banks and financial institutuions that facilitate our sales transactions and credit arrangements b. with other providers whom we contract to assist us with services, e.g. mailing services c. when we are required to do so by law, court order, subpoena, etc. d. with our lawyers in case of legal dispute We do not share your personal information with other companies for their marketing purposes without your consent. We do not track your progress from page to page through our site unless we suspect we are the target of hackers, in which case we reserve the right to protect our site by any means necessary. This policy may be changed without prior notice for any reason. You should review it from time to time, as continued use of this site implies your agreement and consent. 23 June 2018
  • What is your COVID policy?
    Here's my shiny new COVID policy: Portrait time should be a happy time, free of worries about what germs we're catching or carrying to others. To that end, here is what to expect when working with Golden Age Photos & Art: (1) Masks: I'll be wearing my mask to protect you, and I ask that you do the same to protect me at all times when you are not actually being photographed. (2) Cleaning: spots and smudges are always of concern in photography, so don't be surprised or offended if I pause to clean the camera and equipment. I carry wipes with me, and if you need one, just ask. (3) Distance: All our meetings will be outdoors now, or on location at spacious venues so you can create and choose your lovely portraits in virus-free surroundings where we can easily maintain good distance. In-home indoor meetings will be resumed when we have an effective vaccine, but until then these changes will prevail: Planning session: we'll meet at a restaurant or a park. In a pinch, we could do it over the phone. Before our session, please email photos of the rooms where you would like to display your portraits, so we can get an idea of how the final product will look. Show me each wall, and if you can place an item with a standard size (a ruler, or a cereal box) in each shot, that would be of great help. I can shoot better if I know the space I'm shooting for, what size it is, and what kind of decor will be near it. Shooting session: Porch, back-yard, and other outdoor locations are still good options, as are buildings with plenty of space to move around. Think barns, or churches, or picnic shelters, just to name a few. The only thing we'll expose is the image. Ordering session: we'll find a restaurant or dedicated meeting room--in a library, restaurant, or similar location--where we can be private and still spread out. If that is not possible, we may do it through a computer live video session followed by a quick doorstep home visit for your signature and deposit. Delivery: I can deliver to your doorstep in person, or if you prefer I can arrange for the lab to send your order straight to you via their preferred shipping carrier.
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