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Marjorie Bull -- Photographer and Creative Mastermind

About Me

Who am I?  I'm a child of God, saved by His grace. A blue jeans kind of gal, but equally at ease in satin and lace.  I've never seen an art or craft I didn't itch to try.  Dog mommy.  Auntie who gives the good presents.  Retired college professor.  Congenital cynic, yet incurable optimist.  Living proof that PTSD is not the end of all things. Maker of magic, singer of songs, teller of tales.

About My Photography

Begun in 2010 as a retirement hobby, MarjorieB Photos quickly grew  into a small stock photography business selling  images through half a dozen agencies.  As my skills grew, a supplemental sideline in digital illustrations developed.  Soon after, my interests turned toward human subjects, and now with a new business name, Golden Age Photos & Art, LLC, I am pleased to offer my services as a portrait and family photographer.

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